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Dominique Clothiaux

I can't say enough about how empowering and grounded Caitlin's work is with the horses. If you have a problem horse she can help you to understand what the horse is saying. Her horse-women-ship is outstanding. She can do bodywork with horses, facilitate solid groundwork to help smooth out miscommunications between horse and rider, she can teach you how to ride, she can take your horse under her wing and help start them and make the solid and confident. Most importantly she can help you to deepen your relationship with the horse. Her knowledge and understanding in facilitating equine therapy is also truly powerful! She's great a matching horses with owners. Caitlin has become a friend and mentor to me as l learn and grow as a horsewoman. Having learned from her it's hard to go into other settings where you get on a random horse and ride. She teaches that the communication and relationship is most important, once that is established, the getting on is seamless. So many amazing possibilities she can show you! I expect can she can become one of the leaders in her generation in terms of horse training. You will not regret your decision to have her work with you or your horse!

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