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Board - Training & Coaching

Full board is available to a Limited Number of Horses in Training or Lessons

A Deeper Understanding

Keen awareness of their body, physical and emotional balance, and surrounding beings, is how horses feel safe. Offering the horse this same communication helps them to feel understood and engage us with relaxed enthusiasm. This is the foundation of my training. The groundwork, in-hand training and equitation I teach is based in natural horsemanship and classical methods, aiming to guide the horse to use their body in a gymnastic way, enriching their physicality and prolonging their lives. A good foundation for any discipline. This kind of physical synergy coupled with igniting the horses' curiosity brings such joy and freedom to training and relationship for the horse and human. My background growing up was strongly influenced by horseman like Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Monty Roberts and Buck Brannaman. Over the years I began to draw influence from trainers and coaches like Warwick Schiller, Elsa Sinclair, Wendy Murdoch, Mary Wanless and Lisa King. At Early Light Farm in Staunton, VA we offer a natural and free environment for the horses. Each horse has availability to a large open stall, equipped with a heated automatic drinker. The stalls open up to a dry lot and then into a larger pasture enclosed with safe European electric fencing. Each section can be opened or closed, creating a tailored turnout experience for each horse. There is option for alone turnout or integration with a herd. The barn has a lit wash stall with hot water and security cameras placed throughout the barn and stalls. The owner and myself both live on the property with immediate access to the barn and visibility of the pastures. The arena is located a short walk from the barn, surrounded by fields to ride in. Your horse will have knowledgeable, loving and attentive care while living here.

  • 1 h
  • Contact for pricing
  • Berry Farm Road

Cancellation Policy

Blessings, I know that circumstances of life can cause us to need to cancel an appointment. If the need to cancel or reschedule arises please allow me minimum 5 days notice and there will be no charge. If last minute cancelation is necessary, less then 2 days prior to appointment, the full fee for your appointment will be charged, excluding extenuating circumstances such as illness or injury.

Contact Details

  • 334 Berry Farm Road, Staunton, VA, USA

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