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Lessons available in Staunton on one of my Horses, at Your Farm & in Somerset

A Deeper Understanding

I offer a customized lesson experience; whether you want to start your journey with horses or deepen your existing practice, I am delighted to assist you. Working with the horse at liberty is a key part of what I teach, as is groundwork on line, lunge work and in-hand bridle work. Separating these pieces gives students a clear opportunity to learn about the horse's natural spatial communication, biomechanics and equipment handling before mounting. Particularly, I appreciate separating education of good feel on the reins through in-hand bridle work from balance with correct position while mounted through lunge work. This teaches students to use their body to direct the horse and adjust balance throughout the pair, using the reins simply to align the horse and fine tune the conversation with their mount. If you're coming to the session with no horse experience we will begin with you simply sharing space with the horse and noticing the subtle interplay of energy and body language that inevitably occurs. Since this is the horse's natural language, they are fantastic teachers for the most subtle of shifts in our inner emotional world, posture, and changes in our own self carriage in movement. This can be delved into in a deep way, with as much desired time spent sharing embodied space and noticing one another interplay. It can also be taken into more animated movement in both the person and horse. We progress, at whatever pace feels best for all parties, from at- liberty work to on-line ground work where students learn to communicate with their body language, handle training tools and direct the horse through various exercises. Lunging follows the halter work, though I teach lunging in a very gymnastic manner, using different shapes, spacing and many transitions. In-hand bridle work comes next, teaching students to have a comfortable and soft feel of rein contact and very gentle communication with the horse through this contact. Riding lessons focus on students learning the art of balance, suppleness and stability in their own bodies so as to assist the horse in proper healthy carriage. Biomechanics applies to the rider as much as the horse; learning proper alignment and body control creates a sense of stability and unity with the horse. I have two lesson horses available at Early Light Farm. A beginner suitable gelding, Mosely. Stella is suited for more advanced students looking to hone their skills.

  • 1 hour
  • Contact for pricing
  • Berry Farm Road

Cancelation Policy

Blessings, I know that circumstances of life can cause us to need to cancel an appointment. If the need to cancel or reschedule arises please allow me minimum 5 days notice and there will be no charge. If last minute cancelation is necessary, less then 2 days prior to appointment, the full fee for your appointment will be charged, excluding extenuating circumstances such as illness or injury.

Contact Details

  • 334 Berry Farm Road, Staunton, VA, USA


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